National Storage has a long term commitment to environmental and social sustainability and good governance (ESG) which we demonstrate in the way we operate our storage centres, engage our teams and manage our property portfolio. We formalised this commitment to sustainability in our first standalone sustainability report in 2017 and continue to recognise the increasing significance of sustainability to the future of our business.

Our approach to sustainability centres on three key pillars that are most material to our business:

  • Our Economic Performance – strong economic performance to drive sustainable returns
  • Our People – ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our team and customers
  • Our Transformation – embracing technology and innovation to transform customer experience

Learn more about our approach to sustainability and our achievements through our reporting:


Sustainability Highlights

Continued optimisation of the contact-free move-in process

National Storage’s contact-free move-in processes are well underway, and this years’ efforts have seen these processes optimised even further. The one-click booking portal, automatic billing, and hassle and contact-free move-in processes have been enhanced with a customer online account providing 24/7 access to services and support.

Streamlined customer onboarding automations and an instant online quote feature have made the process of finding storage solutions as simple as possible for our customers.

Reducing our climate impact

Across a range of sustainability programs, National Storage has been working to reduce its overall climate impact.

The Solar and LED installation programs have been rolled out across 120 centres, with 7,675 solar panels in use as at 30 June 2021.

An assessment of National Storage’s forklift fleet has seen a company-wide switch to the use of more energy efficient lithium batteries, over the previous use of lead acid batteries. As the existing fleet of LPG and lead acid battery powered forklifts reach the end of their working life, they will be replaced with their lithium battery counterparts.

The cardboard recycling program continues to reduce waste across the National Storage business, with a reduction in general waste of 12% achieved during the last financial year. Considering the business’ large acquisition of centres, this is a particularly impressive effort.

First official NoCO2 Audit

National Storage has engaged the Carbon Reduction Institute to conduct a business wide NoCO2 audit. This inaugural audit, to be completed by the end of 2021, will provide valuable insight into National Storage’s progress towards reducing carbon emissions across all operations in Australia and New Zealand.

Expanded commitment to health and wellbeing

At National Storage, supporting staff and communities through a range of health and wellbeing programs and initiatives is of high importance.

In July 2021, the new Employee Health and Wellbeing Strategy ‘National Storage Healthy Living’ was implemented to support our greatest asset – our people. Further, the National Storage Paid Parental Leave policy, introduced in recent years, continues to lead the Australian storage industry.

From an external perspective, National Storage’s partnership with Lifeline, and its ongoing support of the Mater Foundation demonstrate the business’ commitment to supporting local and national communities.

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