National Storage has a long term commitment to environmental and social sustainability and good governance (ESG) which we demonstrate in the way we operate our storage centres, engage our teams and manage our property portfolio. We formalised this commitment to sustainability in our first standalone sustainability report in 2017 and continue to recognise the increasing significance of sustainability to the future of our business.

Our approach to sustainability centres on three key pillars that are most material to our business:

  • Our Economic Performance – strong economic performance to drive sustainable returns
  • Our People – ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our team and customers
  • Our Transformation – embracing technology and innovation to transform customer experience

Learn more about our approach to sustainability and our achievements through our reporting:

Sustainability Highlights:

Creating one of Australia’s largest distributed solar networks 

In 2017 National Storage undertook an economic and feasibility study into the potential for installation of a solar photovoltaic network across the portfolio to achieve a reduction in emissions and long term energy savings. The three step approach involved formulating a plan to control energy costs, devising a cost-effective, integrated energy efficiency program and optimising energy procurement with the objective of delivering long term energy savings and emissions reduction. The program was launched soon after, with Phase One undertaken across 2018/19 and Phase Two now underway.

Phase One Highlights 

Phase One of the program involved solar installations at 54 centres, representing more than 1.3 MW+ of installed capacity and resulted in a reduction of 1,300 t-CO2-e. At 30 june 2019, electricity usage has decreased by approximately 1.8 GWh per annum for these centres, which equates to approximately $400,000 in cost savings in FY19.

Phase Two Highlights 

Phase Two of the program commenced in 2019 and will see solar installations at a further estimated 40 centres. On completion of Phase Two, the total number of National Storage centres with solar installations will be greater than 100 centres (inclusive of centres with solar installed prior to acquisition).

Next Steps 

On completion of the existing programs, our focus will turn to retrofitting and incorporating solar and LED on new acquisitions and developments, reflecting our ongoing commitment to responsible energy management. We will continue to strive to create further efficiencies from our solar and LED programs by the ongoing assessment of advances in the industry, particularly around the economic viability of battery storage which would significantly increase solar power generation and use.