National Storage has a long term commitment to environmental and social sustainability and good governance (ESG), demonstrated in the way that we operate our storage centres, engage our teams and manage our asset portfolios. We are pleased to formalise this ongoing commitment to sustainability in our second standalone sustainability report, aligned to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI).

The overall vision and strategy for National Storage is to ensure we set realistic and achievable goals whilst ensuring rigorous and appropriate sustainability targets in the short, medium and long-term. These targets are designed to manage any potentially significant economic, environmental, and social impacts that National Storage causes, contributes to, or that may be directly linked to our service delivery, products or as a result of relationships with others, including our suppliers and communities.

Our strategic priorities in the short to medium term include a program to, where possible, achieve a meaningful reduction in our carbon footprint, improved recycling initiatives and greater staff engagement and diversity.

Read the National Storage 2018 Sustainability Report here.

Our People

National Storage employs over 400 people across Australia and New Zealand, fostering a family based philosophy and culture centred on core values of teamwork, care and excellence.

We operate a highly decentralised business model with effective controls and frameworks to empower our workforce. We place a high degree of trust and authority in our centre teams and operations management to run each centre and region with support and oversight from Head Office. National Storage is passionate about creating positive workplaces characterised by optimal organisational health, wellbeing and productivity of our employees. We pride ourselves on our family based philosophy involving our core values of teamwork, care and excellence and our policies and programs are designed to make employee working life inclusive, productive and rewarding. Training, education and development programs upskill our teams and our employee benefits and health programs promote personal wellbeing and a work/life balance. We foster an open, supportive, diverse and inclusive culture and regularly monitor and evaluate our performance in this regard.

In addition to the disclosures on gender diversity in our sustainability reporting, National Storage also reports to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). If you’d like to access NSR’s WGEA report, please request a copy by email here.

Our Customers

Delivering excellent customer service is central to the National Storage ethos and a key competitive advantage. We are committed to understanding our customers’ needs, providing tailored storage solutions and delivering on our brand promise. Our focus on customer engagement and insights informs our customer experience strategy which aims to deliver extraordinary experiences and in turn, drive retention and referrals.

Our policies, procedures and our focus on workplace health and safety is designed to protect the health, safety and privacy of our customers. We monitor and assess these programs which are updated regularly based on our learnings.

Our Communities

At National Storage, we define community as our neighbours and those in the local catchment areas surrounding our storage centres. Our commitment to community is two-fold – operating sustainably and appropriately in our environment, and enriching and supporting our local communities. We understand our operations may have an impact on local communities and we work closely with our neighbours (residential, commercial or industrial) to create a harmonious environment and positive local relationships. We also work with local councils, governments and regulators where necessary to ensure we comply with local laws and regulations and make a positive contribution to the areas in which we operate.

Our corporate office and storage centres have a budget to support and engage with their local community by way of in-kind support and sponsorship of local community clubs, sporting teams, schools, not-for-profit organisations and other community organisations.

Our Environment

As an owner and operator of real estate assets, we understand the impacts of our built environment and the importance of addressing these in a sustainable manner. We are proactively exploring and, where feasible, implementing solutions designed to manage climate change risk, reduce our carbon emissions and overall impact on the environment.

A key driver of the establishment of the National Storage Sustainability Plan (NSSP) was the desire to improve the efficiency of our storage portfolio. Storage assets generally present low environmental impacts with minimal utility use given the nature of the business. National Storage remains committed to creating a sustainable future and minimising its environmental footprint.

In addition to a number of lighting efficiency projects underway, the broader sustainability review will identify opportunities for efficiencies in energy and water consumption across the portfolio. Any efficiency projects undertaken will be assessed on the basis of return on investment for both the environment and our investors.

Achieving Long Term Energy Savings Through Solar

National Storage has completed an economic and feasibility study into the potential for installation of a solar photovoltaic network across the portfolio to achieve long term energy savings across the portfolio. The three step approach involved formulating a plan to control energy costs, devising a cost-effective, integrated energy efficiency program and optimising energy procurement with the objective of delivering long term energy savings and emissions reduction.

The study sought to maximise renewable energy in our energy mix and took into account the scale and impact of future electricity costs, the financial and technical feasibility of solar, expense savings potential and investment return and capital expenditure.

Check back for updates on the progress of our solar project throughout FY19.

GRI Content Index

This report is National Storage REIT’s second sustainability report and is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. The report provides an overview of our performance on material topics for the FY18 period (1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018). We will continue to report to the GRI Standards annually. We intend to progressively build on data sets in the coming years to reflect comparative data on our material topics and continue to address gaps where data is not yet available. National Storage operations span Australia and New Zealand and in this report we include employee related data for both countries, and environmental data for Australian operations only. This report has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.

The NSR GRI Content Index is available separately here.